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Google Is About To Rollout Chatting Platform, Similar To Apple’s iMessage

Google has been trying for so long to introduce a next-generation chatting platform on Android devices, but the rollout of the new app has been delaying partly due to carriers. As the new chatting platform needs the addition of support from networks, compatibility would not be an issue. Google has decided to handle the services, which will be available in the UK and France-based Android smartphones from the end of this month.

Google’s chat app will deliver notifications on reading the message and particular symbols to specify that people are typing. Through this app, people can even chat through Wi-Fi.

Unlike Apple’s iMessage, which rely on a central server, Android Messages informs each participant through a text, if their devices support RCS. Unlike WhatsApp, RCS platform is not end-to-end encrypted, so it’s feasible for Google to keep an eye on the messages.

Google indicates that it is also planning to launch this chat service worldwide.

On a similar note, Google is planning to support most of its employees financially by offering them an affordable place to stay in one of the most luxurious areas of the world. In a blog post, CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that Google plans to utilize the land worth $750 Million, which it owns for housing purposes. As per the company’s plan, accommodation in the form of 15,000 homes will be developed for nearly all the Google employees in the Bay region.

Moreover, Google is setting up an investment fund of $250 Million for developers to construct over 5,000 housing units in the region. Along with this, it also plans to donate an amount of $50 Million on displacement and homelessness.

Pichai declares that Google has convinced officials of Bay to make some changes over the zoning in order to allow housing development. It is also working with San Jose and Sunnyvale to make the land available for homes.

Last year, only 3,000 new houses were built in the Bay Area by the developers. Therefore, the company has set this target at priority.

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