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Metro Highlights, The Latest $6.6 Billion Proposal Undervalues The Firm

Metro proclaimed that an unsolicited proposal by two major investors to take over the German retailer significantly undervalues it. This week, the firm advised investors to hold off on taking any action until any further comments from its management. Last week, EP Global Commerce, an acquisition entity by the Slovak and Czech investors, made the takeover proposal. Reportedly, this proposal valued the firm at approximately $6.6 Billion.

The retailer highlighted that the proposal price was just 3% above the closing share price last week. It proclaimed that the bid “significantly undervalues the firm and does not echo its value creation plan.” Further, Metro proclaimed that the management was continuing to advance the firm. It highlighted that it would comment further after the availability of the full offer document. Metro asked its investors not to take any action in the meantime.

On a similar note, Walmart, an American retail company, recently disclosed that its earlier employment of AI at its stores is not just for the sake of convenience. Recently, the retailer confirmed that it’s employing camera-based computer vision tech to discourage the losses and theft at its checkouts in its more than 1,000 stores.

The latest Missed Scan Detection program alerts employees if any item moves past a scanner without a genuine scan. This gives the staff a chance to intervene. Most of the times, such incidents are unintended, for instance, fatigued cashiers or forgetful shoppers. However, Walmart is visibly hoping this system will discourage thieves from hoping to escape with unscanned items. Reportedly, the firm is using tech from a few companies, such as Everseen. For the period of the past two years, the technology has been in use. If you ask the firm, it seems to be working.

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