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Apple’s Chief Designer Jony Ive Resigns To Set Up His Own Venture

Tech firm Apple announced late this week that its chief designer Jony Ive who had been with the company for past 20 years is leaving to begin his own startup. This announcement led to Apple’s stock drop by 1 % as he is considered as one of the firm’s pillars and has been responsible for design, look and feel of nearly all Apple products including the Mac and iPhone. He is setting up his own design firm called LoveFrom in partnership with friend and colleague Marc Newson and Apple will become its client it said.

Jony stated that though he will not work actively as an employee at Apple he will be involved in most of its functions for many years to come and make the transition gradually. He has been a well-known figure in the world of design and his major contribution to Apple’s design process cannot be overstated specially from 1998 with his groundbreaking design of the iMac and the iPhone. He was instrumental in creating the ambitious Apple Park wherein he recently spent several years recently to nurture it to the present level.

Apple is not planning to find a successor immediately for Jony and his designing responsibilities will be split between VP Industrial design Evans Hankey and VP Human Interface Design Alan Dye. The latter will also assume additional responsibilities of design and there will be two new designers in the team that will report to COO Jeff Williams. The $5 billion Apple Park campus located in Cupertino region of California was the brain child of Jony which was inaugurated last month. The news of this leadership change at Apple close on the heels of Angela Ahrendts who left in April has created more uncertainty for its investors. Sir Jonathan stated that he would continue working with Apple on strategic products like healthcare and wearable technology.

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