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YouTube Tries Shifting Comments To A Different Window On Mobile

Internet comment tabs are disreputably dreadful, and YouTube comments can be particularly dark. Previously this year, the service banned comments on clips of kids after a disturbing level of pedophilic comments were found, and there is plenty of hate speech flowing, too. Now, YouTube is trialing a modification on mobile apps that can relocate the comments. It might need consumers to eagerly look out them out.

In present Android and iOS mobile apps of YouTube, consumers have to scroll further than the video, recommended content, and engagement buttons to reach the comment tab. As media first reported, some Android consumers are now viewing a new option at the page’s top. To see comments, consumers must click that option, which unlocks a new window.

It is not certain if YouTube’s purpose is to conceal comments. On one hand, by putting them on another page, the service can spare users from having to see them. On the other, since most consumers have to scroll on their mobile app quite long before they view comments, an option at the page’s top can actually offer simpler access. Google verified the test in an interview to the media, but the firm did not say if or not this is an effort to conceal comments.

On a related note, for the past month, there has been a lot of attention on YouTube’s action when it came to niggling Carlos Maza with anti-gay and racist comment that regularly incited irritation. Particularly associating to channel of the person in question, media reiterated YouTube’s claim that for reinstatement of monetization, it might require to cope with “all relevant problems” leading harm to community at YouTube. There is still no hint of exactly how YouTube aims to enhance its enforcement, but as it has done before, the firm is out there making effort to clarify what it believes it is doing to make things look good.

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