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Zero-Emission Ice Cream Truck By Nissan Employs Recycled Batteries From EV

Running behind the neighborhood ice cream truck is a favorite tradition in summer for some people. But most of the ice cream trucks are older models that keep those engines operating to fuel the freezers and have diesel engines. This indicates that with your cone you get a heavy side of CO2 emissions. Nissan believes it can alter that. To rejoice the Clean Air Day by the UK, Nissan revealed a zero-emission ice cream truck idea, dubbed as “Sky to Scoop.”

The model is based on e-NV200, a completely electric light commercial car by Nissan that has almost 124 Miles of range. The firm deployed 2 Nissan Energy ROAM power bundles—which employ Li-ion cells taken from first-gen Nissan EVs—to fuel the coolers. Those can be charged together with the car, but there are solar panels on the roof for an extra boost. Nissan also joined hands with Mackie’s, an ice cream firm based in Scotland that employs solar and wind power.

Nissan took the chance to state that Nissan Energy ROAM will be accessible later this year for sale. Based on the LEAF structure, the Nissan e-NV200 is already accessible. There is no word still if the firm will take its EV, clean ice cream truck further than the prototype phase, but this is not the first time the firm has gotten imaginative with the e-NV200. A few years back, the firm converted it into a mobile office, and there is an opportunity we will see more one-off projects such as this one.

On a related note, the ProPilot driver assist by Nissan can contentedly manage the car with no to little input already, as per media reports. But it still needed a driver’s hand on the steering. Now the firm has declared ProPilot 2.0 will roll out first in Japan on its Skyline sedan.

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