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Sling TV’s Sports Add-On Just Got More Costly For Some Consumers

Sling TV is one more time increasing costs, and you will not be shocked if you are a sports fan. New users for the Sling Orange bundle now have to pay $10 on a monthly basis for the Sports Extra channel package rather than the earlier $5. Current users will see the rate increment go live from August 2019 onward. That is the same cost that Sling Blue users were already shelling for Sports Extra, but it also indicates you are seeing at a minimum of $25 on a monthly basis when you mix the sports bundle with any base plan.

The sling team defined it as a matter of covering prices. The service has included various channels to Sports Extra, such as NBA TV and NHL Network, and those programming charges add up. There is a consolation, although. There is a new $20 Total TV Deal that comprises 8 Extras (comprising Sports) and 50 Hours of recordings on cloud DVR. It is an upsell, to be certain, but it can make sense if you were already aiming for minimum two add-ons.

This makes Sling TV less enticing as compared to what it has been—wasn’t the whole point to slash the bloated costs of traditional TV? Regrettably, it is actually just fraction of a common trend. YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and other live TV services have been slowly increasing costs as they both strive for profitability and add in more channels. It is just a matter of whether you are ready to tolerate those increasing prices on a specific service.

On a related note, if you cannot be with your friends to watch a movie together or yell at the display simultaneously during a game, Sling has a new social watching alternative for users. The co-watching function launched out on Oculus Go in beta.

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