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Recession Reports Are Highly Exaggerated: HSBC And J.P. Morgan Economists

Worries of an impending recession globally have been exaggerated; both HSBC Asset Management and J.P. Morgan have estimated in half-year outlook reports. Commentators and financiers alike have grown cautious of recession as universal trade conflicts have increased in the last few months. This was further boosted by the reversion of the U.S. yield curve for March, which has now persisted for more than 3 Months, meaning long-span debt became considerably cheaper than shorter-term debt. This reversion is a gauge of financiers’ confidence in the financial system and indicates doubts regarding future growth. However, Joe Little—Global Chief Strategist at HSBC Asset Management—stated in a last half-year investment outlook note that fears of a bear market or a recession are “excessive and preserved a pro-risk allocation.”

Little further said the U.S. “does not display large imbalances that can cause a recession” and that “a union of reasonable global growth, supportive policy and solid corporate fundamentals” means the economy globally would persist to expand at a “reasonable rate.” Little said to CNBC, “Moving forward, the advancement from last year’s tax curbs is set to lighten and the lagged effects of an increase in the Fed (Federal Reserve) funds rates in 2017 and 2018 also entails that growth will moderate.”

On a related note, economist Nouriel Roubini sees trade battle tipping the global financial system into a recession. The rivalry amid the U.S. and China can be so upsetting that it has started to delink the universal economy and can eventually lead to a recession, as per to Nouriel Roubini, the economist. He said, “The effects of this technology and trade war and cold war are the beginning of de-globalization and the delinking of the global economy. We will have to rebuild the global technology supply chain. And finally by the next year, if this rises, it would be a global recession.”

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