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Study Reveals Common Cold Virus Can Fight Bladder Cancer

Researchers from University of Surry have stated that their initial tests have shown that common cold virus can kill cancer cells of bladder cancer by infecting them. A cancer charity which focuses on this type of cancer called it exciting with hope that it could be verified with tests over larger groups. The initial test on a small study group revealed complete disappearance of disease in one patient while in 14 others there was evidence of destruction of cancer cells. In UK the NMIBC or non-muscle invasive bladder cancer is the 10th most common cancer form that witnesses 10,000 new patients every year.

The treatments for this type of cancer in the market today are done by invasive methods that cause irreversible toxic side effects. Also constant monitoring is required to check if cancer has returned which is quite expensive. The study which was carried out on 15 patients suffering from the disease involved injecting them with coxsackie virus or CVA21 through a catheter a week before their scheduled surgeries for removal of tumors. When their tissue samples were examined after surgery it showed that the injected virus had killed cancer cells in their bladder.

Once the virus killed the cancer cell they then reproduced themselves and infected other parts of the body that were infected with cancer cells. But they did not affect any healthy cells and left them alone. Study leader Prof. Hardev Pandha from Surrey University stated that the work done by this virus is very special as it drives deep into the cancer cells and destroys them by triggering its immune protein. This action sends signals to other immune cells in the body to join in the destruction exercise. In general the bladder tumors are cold as they lack immune cells to fight cancer but when virus attacks them they become hot and cause the reaction of body’s immune system.

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