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Jony Ive Designer Chief At Apple Announces Departure

Jony Ive the design chief at Apple is now leaving the company.

Ive is known for his signature design products that have made Apple stand out among its peers. He is now leaving the company and starting his own business.

The announcement about his departure was made on Thursday.

Even in 2016, there were rumors that Jony Ive was leaving the company but he remained a part of Apple. Now, he is finally leaving after three years.

Moreover, Jason Sell has told Apple blogger John Gruber that Ive has been largely involved in architecture and not with product design.

Further, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg had said that in 2015 after the first Apple Watch was announced Ive had cut down his regular visit to the company headquarters to twice a week. He had said that he had begun to shed down his responsibilities. It was just at this time that he was given a new title as chief design officer of Apple.

Ive’s discontent had been evident, once the company had moved from product designing into operations which were obvious from his attitude.

Ive was a close friend of Steve Job. He had helped in the designing of the iMac, the iPod, the MacBook, the iPad, and the iPhone. Steve Jobs dealt in 2011 had disturbed Ive which had later turned into dissatisfaction.

The directors in Apple’s board were people who did not have any relationship with the core business of Apple and this had added to Ive’s frustration.

Ive and Jobs had a close personal relationship. They had spent many years close together and put tremendous effort into Apple products.

Ive is soon to form his own independent design company named “LoveFrom”

However, though Apple will lose Ive, the company will thrive without him. Apple had lost its head Jobs almost ten years ago, but the company has continued without its visionary genius.

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