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Researchers Develop Eye-Glasses That Focus Just Where You Look

Researchers at Stanford University have developed glasses that are capable of tracking your eyes and focusing exactly on what you’re looking at. Titled Autofocals, the research was published in the journal called Science Advances. The Autofocals are presented as an improvised solution for progressive or transition lenses. Despite the successful research, the Autofocals remain years away from reaching your Optometrist.

The authors point out how our eyes stiffen with age which cause the lenses to suffer and also our ability to refocus deteriorate. This condition, terned Presbyopia, is usually observed in people at the age of around 45 and is prevalent in around a billion people around the globe. Presbyopia is the reason why most people are advised to wear reading glasses or monovision glasses during the middle age. The Autofocals are filled with fluid that makes the lenses move in accordance with the eye movements. The regular monovision glasses on the contrary are not that effective for peripheral focus. The Autofocals were tried on a total of 56 people, all of whom agreed for the Autofocals being better than the usual monovision glasses. The glasses are not expected to reach the market any sooner as the researchers feel the size needs to be minimized further before it can actually become viable for people to use it. A single Autofocal lens well might turn out to be enough for about a decade, as it will adjust to slight changes in the prescription as well.

Talking of breakthrough researches, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre have reportedly come up with a way to eliminate HIV infection entirely in a mouse model. The research involves a team from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. If the breakthrough gets approved, it will by far be one the biggest breakthroughs in medical science.

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