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Samsung Hopes For One More Big Drop In Profits

Samsung is not about to leave the despair any time shortly. The firm alerted that its profits were expected to drop in the Q2, declining almost 56% as compared to previous year to almost 6.5 Trillion Won (almost $5.6 Billion). That does not seem great, but it can have been shoddier. A one-time transaction from an unidentified client sustained Samsung’s revenue. The firm supposedly asked Apple for recompense after its OLED screen orders did not meet minimum expectations, even though that has not been verified.

While Samsung has not clarified what dragged it down this quarter, its performance previously in the year suffered majorly owing to a fall in sales for memory chip. While its elevated profits over the Q1 recommend that the Galaxy A-series and S10 launches assisted, they were not sufficient popular to reverse trends.

The tech behemoth surely encountered a mixed summer. While the Galaxy Note 10 roll out is right around the edge, the redesign of Galaxy Fold has yet to get a launch date. It is also encountering lawful trouble in France and Australia over its labor practices and advertising. And then there is the simple matter of competitive stress. Even with Huawei’s issues, Samsung still encounters serious rivalry from Chinese merchants and others that have historically damaged its sales.

On a related note, Samsung has not answered much on its move to holdup the Galaxy Fold and deal with design issues, but it is opening up a little. The firm’s CEO for electronics division, DJ Koh, informed those at a media event that he “pushed the handset through prior to it was ready.” The delay was “embarrassing,” he claimed further. While Koh did not speak much on what took place, the statement recommends that Samsung was in a rush to get the Fold out and gain some bragging rights.

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