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Samsung Might Design Foldable Augmented Reality Glasses

Samsung is looking into the possibility of designing AR glasses, on the basis of one of its newest patent applications. The paper that the tech behemoth offered to the US PTO (Patent & Trademark Office) displays foldable gadget that seems more similar to a normal pair of glasses—with much denser frames to hold its electronic elements—as compared to the Samsung Gear VR. While the last item might end up being hugely different, the present prototype is an eyepiece that turns automatically on whenever it is unfolded.

So long as temples of one of the pair are unfolded, the projector of  the glasses (fitted on the temple) might project pictures on the small screen placed over the field of view of the user. To make certain the device does not accidentally turn off if the consumer turns their head wrong, it seems like the firm is thinking of employing magnetic sensors to make certain it stays in the unfolded arrangement until the user intentionally folds it.

Since it is only a patent that might never turn into reality, Samsung did not speak of what specific elements it aims to employ. It offered ARM-supported chips as an instance of the kind it may employ, on the other hand, if the firm ever makes decision to push through with the development of the device.

On a related note, Samsung failed to maintain secrecy around the Galaxy Note 10 before of its launch next month. Media got what seem to be official press pictures for the normal Note 10 and its bigger Note+ peer. As you may have believed, the two handsets seem to push the almost-all-screen concept of Galaxy S10 even further. The more rectangular design has almost no bezel, and the only disruption is a hole-punch camera situated at the center on the top of the screen.

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