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Microsoft Updates Help Page To Resolve Issues That Prevent Windows 10 Upgrade

The Windows 10 upgrade that released on 10 May 2019 has had a fair bit of issues associated with it. Users have come up with a long list of issues that have prevented them from installing the upgrade. It is mid-July now and users are still adding issues to the already long list. Microsoft did come up with a separate help page to cut down on that long list of issues but many major issues remained unaddressed. However, the company updated the help page to resolve three major issues troubling the users.

One of those three issues was that the users who were trying to upgrade with a USB drive or memory card attached to their system failed to upgrade their Windows 10 package. The issue is now resolved and can be fixed by using the Patch released last Tuesday. The second one was that users ended up losing audio entirely if they were using Dolby Atmos home speakers or headphones. That too is fixed now as is shown in the help page. The third major issue that was fixed was regarding the Dynabook Smartphone Link app as users lost a few functionalities after upgrading. The long list of issues is now down to just two unresolved issues as Microsoft continues to work hard to ensure the upgrade reaches its entire user base. One of them is the one concerned with Windows Sandbox, but it should occur only when the language settings are altered in the operating system. The other one is the failure of display brightness responding to any changes.

Microsoft has had a reason to rejoice lately as the Microsoft Word for Android has just crossed a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Microsoft Office’s other tools including OneDrive, Excel, and PowerPoint too have all crossed 500 million installs.

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