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Marriott International Hotel Group Faces Issues On Data Privacy

Marriott faces a data breach issue that costs them a hefty fine.

Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner says that companies have a legal duty to protect the data collected from users, but Marriott had failed in its duty. The ICO says that strong action will be taken against such breach of data.

The data breach of Starwood, the hotel company in 2014 has come to light in November. This was acquired in 2016 by Marriott.

In the U.K. about 7 million users have been affected by the breach. 30 million users from the European Economic Area that consists of 31 countries have also been affected by the lack of data privacy. People across the globe have been affected.

Recently, the UK British Airways has been fined with a hefty penalty of £183 million, which amounts to $229 million for breach of data last year. The General Data Protection Regulation laws (GDPR) ensures that organizations are accountable for all personal data held.

Marriott’s data breach came to light in November 2018. It held records of its 339 million guests across the globe. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has announced that Marriott will have to pay around £99,200,396 towards this data breach.

Arne Sorenson the CEO of Marriott says that the company will be contesting against the fine. Sorenson says that the company had cooperated with the ICO on the investigation made against the guest reservation database of Starwood and deeply regrets the incident.

This is just the beginning of such types of fines that will ensure that big companies will take more stringent action in protecting the user data. Fines may also increase to about 4 percent of the annual global revenue of such companies.

Denham says that the GDPR insists that due diligence has to be taken on corporate acquisition to have apt accountability measures to store personal data and protect it too.

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