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Structure of The Brain Plays Primary Part In Psychosis

A team of researchers from Boston based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has discovered that existence of a large choroid plexus in the brain could be a sign of psychosis in individuals. The choroid plexus is a vital brain element that produces cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and investigation by researchers has shown that there could possibly be a link between its size and psychotic idea development. Both choroid plexus and CSF are important parts of neurological system and CSF helps cushion brain inside the skull while choroid plexus forms a barrier and helps filter toxins to keep out blood components from entering the brain.

The study published in American Journal of Psychiatry involved scrutiny of three groups of people of which the first group had been diagnosed with psychosis while the second one had first degree relatives with psychosis while third one had no history of psychosis. All participants underwent structural MRI brain scans and researchers discovered that quantity of choroid plexus was more in people that had psychosis. Their research also revealed that volume of choroid plexus was larger among first degree relatives which were smaller than people with psychosis.

Besides this the researchers found several other details about the brain condition of group with psychosis. Apparently the larger choroid plexus volume that was in their brain led to small grey matter, small volume of amygdala, large volume of ventricle, low cognitive score and low neural connectivity level. They believe that this finding can also provide clues in future about pathology of psychosis and team also discovered that people with large choroid plexus had high level of signaling cell that was associated with immune system called interleukin 6 or IL-6.  As per vocabulary of National Institute of Mental Health psychosis is a group of mental conditions that affects the mind when an individual loses connection with reality.

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