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People Who Stop Alcohol Consumption Experience Better Mental Health

The debate about how much alcohol is good for health has been going on for centuries now and it is not surprising that a new study has discovered that people who give up alcohol are likely to have better mental and physical health. A recent research published in The Lancet declared that even moderate drinking can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases that was debated by several researchers as people have diverse views about different types of alcohol and believe that a glass of wine after a long day at work is good for health.

A research published in medical journal Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research suggests that adults in elderly age group that drink very occasionally may outlive non-drinkers. Another study shows that if women give up alcohol they will experience well-being and better mental health that can be on par with people that have never consumed alcohol. People generally fall into various categories as light and moderate drinkers that either take a glass of wind socially or during family events. Researchers have established link between consumption of alcohol and mental well-being but it remains to be see if moderate drinkers are healthier than teetotalers.

A study from Hong Kong University has discovered that adults, chiefly women that give up alcohol completely experience mental well-being and the results of this study were published in Canadian Medical Association Journal. During the research investigators analyzed data collected from 10386 participants that were either moderate drinkers or were teetotalers. The moderate drinkers were people that used to drink, those that started drinking recently, current and former persistent drinkers. The mean age of participants was 49 years and 64 % of male participants were nondrinkers while among female participants around 88 % were nondrinkers. The team compared their data with that of National Epidemiologic Survey on similar conditions and observed that alcohol abstainers had highest level of mental well-being.

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