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Aspirin Is Taken By Millions Of People Without A Prescription—Research Suggests

According to a new research, a regular dose of aspirin to avoid heart problem or heart disease is consumed by millions of teens of the United States even if they never had involved in cardiovascular disease, which might be needless and perhaps risky as per the updated references. The number of teens who were calculated to be consuming aspirin for the initial prevention of the illness of cardiovascular disease in the year 2017 was provided by the new research along with a snapshot, even before the new guidelines were revealed in the month of March.

Whether it was sustained by people to consume the daily dose of aspirin was not evaluated by the research afterwards the new guidelines were released. Around thirty million teens in the US ageing forty and above and not having cardiovascular disease stated the use of aspirin to stop the illness in the year 2017, and millions used it even without a medical prescription, as per the research suggests, which was printed recently in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. It was calculated that around half of the teens, ageing among seventy or above without cardiovascular sickness between that same group reported use of regular aspirin for the initial prevention of the illness, as per the research.

Dr. Christina Wee, who is an associate professor and also the lead author of the research said that, what surprised them more was the high number of elder teens, which were consuming aspirin who had no existing stroke or heart disease, and that is because it is been acknowledged that the elder you are, the developed the danger of blood loss from aspirin. She also added that, their understanding regarding the harms and benefits of aspirin consumed to avoid heart problem is developing and there have been recent fluctuations.

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