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New Bill Might Bar Facial Recognition In Federally-Supported Housing

Now that facial recognition is more widespread, so are the rules targeting to restrict its scope. A number of cities have all passed rules banning city employment of facial recognition. Now, a bunch of Congresswomen expect to pass the first federal law to restrict the tech. As per media, the No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act is hoped to be launched this week.

If issued, the bill might ban facial recognition in public housing divisions that get Department of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) support. It might also need HUD to give a report on the tech and its effects on tenants and public housing units. The legislation will be represented by Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Yvette Clarke, and Rashida Tlaib.

The bill might be the first federal rule to decide which tech landlords can compel. As media highlights, it might only affect HUD housing, but it can act as a model for upcoming bills. This spring tenants have the right to keep physical keys to enter their apartment building in New York City, instead of smart locks. As more landlords seek to set up smart home technology, cases and legislation such as these can turn out to be more widespread.

On a related note, Orlando earlier canceled facial recognition pilot by Amazon after a series of technical flaws and other problems, as per media. The city began trialing the facial recognition tech—which, as per a survey, shows race and gender bias and aims to misidentify black women—earlier in 2017.

After the first test period ended in mid-2018, local executives expressed hesitation in renewing the association before making a decision to go through with a next pilot. Seems like the next go was just as unacceptable, since a memo addressed to the City Council supposedly claimed that the pilot did not make noticeable progress.

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