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New York City Might Bar The Unlawful Sale Of Phone Location Info

New York City may efficiently prohibit the contentious practice of trading users’ phone location info, if a new bill scheduled this week passes the city council.

The bill, thought to be the first of its kind, might need apps and wireless carriers to get explicit approval prior to offering 3rd parties geolocation info gathered inside the city. Below the plan, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the city might be tasked with implementing the bill, and can levy steep fines on lawbreakers. A violator can be charged $1,000 for every violation, or $10,000 for data shared of each person, if various violations take place on the same day.

The bill will shift to committee hearings before of a broader council vote.

Companies that sell geolocation data have encountered new probe in the last year, as various probes have highlighted how the sensitive info is available widely, often without users noticing. Yet, while the FCC has that claimed it is probing the issue, there has been little local or federal action.

“We as a city have an opportunity to spearhead the charge on this,” Justin Brannan, the Councilman who introduced the bill, claimed to the media in an interview. “If the federal government will not prohibit this dangerous violation of users’ privacy, then we have to. I see forward to operating with my coworkers and issuing this bill into law, so we can send the message that nonconsensual and invasive business practices such as these will not be allowed in New York.”

On a related note, earlier beta testers found that the upcoming iOS 13 and iPadOS will occasionally show detailed panels asking if you need to retain the amount of location sharing you have approved for a particular app, comprising a map of just where any application has been tracing you.

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