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With Its New Ad Campaign, Twitter Reminds You That It Used To Be Fun

Twitter launched a new ad campaign operating in New York City and San Francisco, showing tweets the memes of “Me on Twitter,” in which consumers post two statements or pics underlining how they behave in a different way on separate social networks.

The campaign wants to embrace the service as a destination where funny, quirky, and viral things take place. And they do—together with all of the other illogical things that happens concurrently on Twitter, varying from racism, harassment, white nationalism, sexism, and Twitter normally being bad at implementing its own anti-abuse rules.

As per media, Twitter lately unfollowed everybody, comprising Jack Dorsey (its own CEO), and followed the 28 users who are rather starred in this campaign. Twitter verified to the media that it got permission from all consumers highlighted in the campaign, with 31 posts shown in different San Francisco Muni stations and New York subway. The campaign is anticipated to run until August 9, 2019.

This kind of consumer data-based touting strategy is more and more being accepted by brands such as Spotify and Seamless, transforming user behavior into ads for how human or quirky the services can be. Twitter can be an amusing place to chill and find ridiculous posts to laugh at. But similar to all social media, everything is better in limited way, and it is only pleasant as long you as you leave before the off-putting tweets starts flooding in your feed.

On a related note, never mind depending on wellbeing tools of your phone to stop your addictions regarding social network. If one congressman has his way, the regulation itself might be live. Senator Josh Hawley has launched the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology (SMART) Act, a bill that would bar functions supposed to be abusive.

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