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Rising Death Rate From Heart Diseases Linked To Obesity

In the recent study, Professor Tim Adair and Alan Lopez stated that countries where people get high income reported fewer cases of mortality related to heart disease since last 50 years and stated the achievement as unexpected achievement.

Professor Adair and Lopez noted that from statistics of National vital system of these countries, it is revealed that deaths due to Cardio Vascular Diseases might be stagnant, but the mortality rate is increasing in people who are below 75 years of age.

During the research, statistical data of near about 23 countries were taken since 2000, including Greece, Netherland, Denmark, Ireland etc. After considering the data, Professor Adair and Lopez stated that CVD-related mortality decline rate has slowed in 12 high income countries. More importantly, people who are 35 to 74 years of age are the ones who are affected.

Recent data also reveals that females of Canada and US were highly affected with CVD-related deaths. Moreover, countries like New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom are the ones where the CVD-related mortality decline rate has slowed continuously.

To answer such concerning fact Professor Adair and Lopez stated that obesity might be the answer for such problem. They also stated that one-third adult population in Australia is dealing with obesity. Speaking to the reporters Professor Lopez said that high level of obesity signifies that large population is exposed to CVD-related ailment as they are overweight for a considerable amount of time.

Contrary to the above findings researchers have found that countries like France and Italy have low number of people who are dealing with obesity. Professor Adair said that to prevent people from getting in the vices of CVDs it is very important to take required protective measures in advance; in particular it is essential that people should start to consume healthy food and do physical activities on a daily basis.

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