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Remaking Live Action Of Anime May Not Work For Hollywood

Hollywood has been on a live-action remake spree lately. The Lion King, Aladdin, Cats, Detective Pikachu & Sonic have all been remade in live-action. However, anime may not be the right fit for a remake. Susan Napier of Tufts University stated that people watch anime for different reasons. Anime has an immersive and otherworldly feel to it, which is lacking in live-action. Anime also displays in the world to be in ways, which live-action cannot replicate. Akira, a new live-action movie is facing this problem. It is based in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. Napier holds that live-action films don’t have the freedom and flexibility that comes with anime.

Dark and adult themes are dealt with in anime, that’s not common in Western animation. For instance, Akira depicts the destruction of Neo-Tokyo, which is depicted in gruesome detail in anime. Doing that in a live-action movie would be very much disturbing. But anime also comes with genuine character development, not just action bits, which is why people love them. Since anime has a lower FPS speed, creators use dialogue, storylines and impossible actions to develop a following. Humans cannot replicate this.

Ellen Seiter of the Southern California University stated that casting concerns do exist since anime characters portray multiple expressions that would seem too much in a live-action film. Remakes have been criticized for using white actors for playing Asian characters. Scarlett Johansson was cast to play Motoko Kusanagi, an Asian woman. The Airbender series also saw a lot of Asian characters being replaced by white actors. Hollywood movies depend on high-profile acting talent for their success, which results in such decisions being made. Feature films are also unlikely to look at complex narratives, which manga is famous for depicting. Serialized TV shows are better compared to feature films when it comes to a live-action remake, stated Seiter. Several streaming studios are already leaping to the opportunity.

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