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Patients In UK Fear For Their Lives After TPN Supplies Are Disrupted

People that are unable to take solid diet are dependent on liquid food which is directly infused in the bloodstream. The supply of tailor made liquid food according to the needs of patients has been disrupted in UK recently. The NHS has declared it as a national emergency.

Patients have complained the authority about this and have said that this is a danger for their lives. Lauran Mitchell who is 21 years old and is suffering from chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction said that this has posed a serious threat to her life. Muscles responsible for pushing the food around human body don’t work in her body, this means any solid food will just stay there in her stomach. Lauren has been on TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) since she was only 7 years old.

She was dependent on tailor made liquid nutrition according to the needs of her body until the supply just stopped. She is now being fed with off the shelf alternatives. According to her, change in the nutrition has caused her condition to worsen. She has been feeling weaker day by day and has been feeling nauseous and tired all the time.

This happened when around June Calea’s manufacturing unit had an inspection. Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency was conducting an inspection on their manufacturing facility and during the inspection bacterial formations were found there. Although, MHRA didn’t find any contaminated final product, but they still asked Calea managers to take actions as soon as possible and change their manufacturing process in order to avoid repercussions in future.

Calea has been changing their manufacturing process which has led to lesser output. They also cancelled supply of around 511 patients after consulting their doctors and NHS. According to sources, the supply will be resuming as before by the end of the current year.

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