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Connection Of Gut Brain Explains How Obesity Can Be Caused By Overeating

Overeating is generally showed up on the scale far along, but the process is still unclear. According to a research printed recently in the Journal of Clinical Investigation conducted by a multi-institutional lineup directed by researchers from Baylor College of Medicine exposes an earlier unknown gut brain association, which helps to clarify how overeating results in obesity. High levels of GIP, gastric inhibitory polypeptide showed by a high-fat diet consumed by mice, which is basically a hormone formed in the gut that is involved in dealing energy balance of the body.

It has been reported by the study that, the excess gastric inhibitory polypeptide voyages via the blood to the parts of the brain where the act of leptin is inhibited by it, which is known as satiety hormone, subsequently, the animals endure weight gain and eating. Stalling the contact of gastric inhibitory polypeptide with the brain reinstates ability of leptin to inhibit appetite and results in loss of weight in mice. Dr. Makoto Fukuda, who is corresponding author and assistant professor from Baylor said that, a new part of the intricate puzzle has been uncovered by us regarding how the body manages to balance the energy and disturbs weight.

Fat cells produces a hormone known as leptin, which is very significant in the control of body weight both in mica and human beings is very well known by the researchers. Leptin works in the brain by triggering the sensation of feeling full when we have consumed sufficient, and eating is stopped by us. But, in overweightness leading from overeating or having a high-fat diet, the body halts answering to leptin indications, it doesn’t sense whole, and consumption endures, resulting to gaining of weight. Fukuda said that, they had no idea that resistance of leptin is directed by overeating or a high heavy diet.

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