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A Researcher- Made A Lightning Cable That Can Hack Your Computer

We all are aware of the cons of plugging in the unknown flash drive into computers. There are multiple malevolent program present which can provide access to a hacker. The access includes that of your personal information and private data. Recently, the problem of getting hacked is not only associated with flash drives. Research carried on by a security researcher has proven the fact that USB cable that resembles that of Apple’s lightning cable also possess the capability of hijacking your machine.

Modifies lightening cables capable of hacking one’s computer is being developed by a security researcher working primarily for the Verizon Media. The researcher, Mike Grover, who carries out his online activities in the pseudonym of MG, has sold a good number of “O.MG cables” at the security conference Def Con. With the hope of selling his look like lightning cables at a cost of $100, Grover is currently working with online security products store known as Hak5.

The researcher, Mike Grover assured in an interview that the cable developed by him looks exactly like a usual Lightning cable that we often get with iPhone. The mechanism of thee hacks lies inside the USB connector. Grover had successfully hidden the necessary hardware and software inside the USB. The cable is designed in such a way that it will influence the software to steal the important information, including the login ID. It might also get triggered remotely to install atrociously dangerous software.

According to an interview given by MG, these cables have hit the market since a long time ago. The technicalities associated with the cable are nothing new. MG, in fact, also mentioned that NSA has also dedicated time to work on making something similar to these cables, known as the COTTONMOUTH.

However, Grover did not seek help from the NSA. It was in his lab with the help of some collaborators that he succeeded in making software that ran on the cables.

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