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Listeria Infects 175 People In Spain In The Peak Tourist Season

After a Listeria outbreak infected about 175 people, Spanish health ministry has issued an international health warning. According to the alert which was published on Tuesday, the bacteria were first found in a processed meat product which was manufactured in Seville, in the southern region of Andalucía.

The listeria bacteria cause listeriosis which is an infection. Generally, found in pregnant women, children, elderly people and people with a weak immune system, this virus accounts for at least 1600 cases every year in America and out of them nearly 16% end with death of the victim.

According to a statement given by the health ministry of Spain 171 cases have been found as of now and 162 of them were from Andalucía only.

The current health minister of Spain, Maria Lucia Carsedo issued a video statement in which she has said that her main objective currently is to stop the spreading of this outbreak. Spanish government has already informed WHO (World Health Organization) along with European Commission about the seriousness of this outbreak. This is happening at the peak time for tourism in Spain and above all Seville, Andalucía is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Spain.

People can get infected by this bacterium if they eat contaminated food product or just come in contact with a person suffering from it. According to a spokesperson from WHO, the products found affected by this bacteria have been taken off the shelf which should reduce the number of patients in the upcoming days. He also added that the incubation period for these bacteria is long so there still could be a few patients coming into hospitals in upcoming days. He also said that there has been no international case of this infection as of now. Common symptoms related to this are, diarrhea, fever, muscle pain, headaches, gastric issues, convulsion and confusion.

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