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EU Might Offer Citizens More Control Of Their Facial Recognition Info

The EU might implement strict restrictions on the employment of facial recognition tech. As per media, the European Commission is brainstorming on laws that might offer users explicit rights over their facial recognition info, such as the right to be aware when it is employed. The laws might apply to both security or police forces and businesses.

The EU’s GDPR (general data protection regulation) already bans the gathering of sensitive “biometric” info that can be employed to uniquely detect users, media claims. But the alterations being spoken in Brussels might be more explicit. As per the documents media saw, the new laws might target to “set a world-standard for regulation of AI.”

The EU has restricted the employment of facial recognition earlier. Earlier in 2016, Facebook skipped including the tech to the European edition of its Moments application, after it ran into mess with data authorities of Europe. However Google Photos just conveyed its face-grouping function to Europe, and a latest report disclosed that King’s Cross security cameras in London utilize facial recognition.

On a related note, the media earlier reported that facial recognition scientists at firms such as IBM often give their algorithms pics from collections that are publicly available, only safeguarded by a Creative Commons license, without asking approval from the users who are snapped. The incident lifted the concern of whether or not such training must be considered as a valid employment below the Creative Commons licenses.

It seems like the answer is positive—but Creative Commons also claims that today’s copyright regulations might be inadequate to defend your face from being scanned, irrespective of whether the photographer is simply reserving all their rights to the pic or employing a permissive Creative Commons license. And that is before the media took into consideration that the photographer, not the individual photographed, is the one with copyright over a pic.

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