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Paris Is Experimenting With Noise Radar That Will Ticket Loud Cars

People in Paris with powerful vehicles may need to think cautiously before touting their cars. Areas of the city (most lately the Villeneuve-le-Roi suburb) are experimenting with a “noise radar” tool from Bruitparif that can highlight loud cars and, ultimately, ticket them. The system employs 4 microphones to narrow down the origins of a sound and connect it with CCTV video to locate whoever’s making the noise.

Just shy of 40 of the tools are in employment till now, majorly close to bars in entertainment regions of Paris along with 17 around primary buildings.

The 2-year test is not meant to fine anybody. Instead, it is meant to both try the viability of the tech and decide the noise levels that result in fines. On the other hand, users with souped-up rides may not wish to get too relaxed. A draft rule due for a vote this winter will allow local cops test noise radar penalties, and Villeneuve-le-Roi aims to take benefit of it if when the regulation takes effect. You may have one more advantage to drive a silent EV.

On a related note, don’t be shocked if you hear more of a noise from EVs in Europe. As of this year, new 4-wheeled EV cars in the EU need a noise-making machine (AVAS or Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) that kicks in whenever the car is driving less than 12 mph or 19 km/h. The system will supposedly stop cyclists and pedestrians from being caught unawares by vehicles that might otherwise be almost-silent. It is not a specifically irksome noise, but it can stop you from crossing the road when there is a less-than-dutiful user.

All new electric cars, surmising those from current portfolio, will have to add noisemakers by end of 2021. Vehicles already on the roads are expected to get retrofits.

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