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Joi Ito, Director Of MIT Media Lab Steps Down Owing To Epstein Scandal

Joi Ito, the Director at MIT Media Lab had resigned from his post on September 7, 2019 during an ongoing scandal regarding the possible connection of the Media Lab to Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender. Following the resignation of Ito, a report has been published which said that the Media Lab had much deeper connection with Epstein than normal funding. It also said that there are chances that he had earlier worked for the Media Lab and now has hidden all its contacts with the infamous fund provider.

Rafael, the President of MIT mentioned in a letter to the MIT community that understanding the gravity of the situation, they now want a fair, immediate and independent investigation to take place as fast as possible. He also said that he has specifically asked general counsel of MIT to contact with any renowned law agency and begin with the procedure. He would expect the firm to respond soon enough to him, governing board of the institution and Executive Committee in the MIT Corporation.

Reif stated that Ito had given the resignation on the afternoon of September 7th. In fact, Ito has also left his position as a professor and part of MIT. A representative of MIT was asked to comment on the current situation regarding Ito’s resignation and the Media Lab. Reif’s letter was hinted at to seek answers. A certain report said that Epstein had provided huge help in safeguarding donations from many parties such as Bill Gates of Microsoft. Besides this, it was also know that the cover up story frequently used by the Lab was quite known amongst staffs. Many had in fact named Epstein after Voldemort: “he who must not be named.” The Media Lab has been kept after strict surveillance since the ties became public. Epstein, on the other hand had committed suicide inside prison while trials were on for federal sex trafficking.

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