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British Airways Strike Causes Chaos Among The Passengers

The strike in the British Airways has in this ongoing week has been causing a chaos for close to 280,000 passengers who were scheduled to fly with British Airways.

The fares of seen a rise in the attempts to increase growth during the world by 2100% leaving out the United Kingdom after the country was isolated.

The prices of air tickets in the country have historically been fluid and the levels of increase of demand were extreme and this was termed as not being uncommon by the expert. The expert said that the level of increases happening during the strike was an extreme phenomenon which is happening only because of the ongoing strike.

A flight which returned during this week from London to Nice in France cost $1573 for air travel of less than 2 hours in the air.

On Monday, the price which was offered for a flight of EasyJet that was leaving from London in the evening was similar and the flight was scheduled to return in the morning of Wednesday. The return on Tuesday would be costing less for the Tuesday return of 1055 euros.

At those fares, not including the seat assignments, food or drinks, baggage had been sold out 3 pm on Monday.

The strike affected Nice which is in South of France as well as Italian Riviera particularly as the strike went into its second day. All the eight daily flights by EasyJet from Nice to London on Monday and Tuesday had been sold out due to the British Airways strike. The cheapest returning flight will be on Wednesday 11th of September at $555 one way.

Meanwhile for the same journey, British Airways had been charging $858 for a journey from Nice to London as it is struggling to return to its schedule.

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