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Deutsche Bank Plan For A Bad Bank Worth 50 billion Euros

Deutsche Bank is currently in plans to revamp its trading processes by forming a bad bank that will be responsible to hold tens of billions of euros of possessions and completely close it’s US equity and trading operations. The bad bank will either retain or distribute off the valued assets worth 50 billion euros after calculating the risk factors and at the same time embracing the long-term goals. The creation of the bad bank has forced Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing to transfer the German lender far off from the investment banking and instead shift their focus on the transaction banking plus wealth management.

It has been reported that as a part of the Reformation, the lender will have all its equity and rates trading units belonging to the regions of continental Europe all be shrunk or closed completely. Deutsche Bank plans to have a major cut in the US equities business such as equity derivatives and prime brokerage so as to win all the shareholders who are disappointed over its performance. The bank is basically working on measures to accelerate its transformation process in order to maintain its profitability. The stakeholders and all the others concerned will be timely informed about the necessary changes.

By the late of July, there will be more of changes made and announcements during the restructuring. Edgardo Ramos, a US District Court Judge, has ordered that Deutsche Bank and Capital One should hand over Donald Trump’s all the financial documents as a reply to congressional subpoenas. The judge had earlier declined the pleas of the President and his family to prohibit subpoenas generated by Democrats on the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees. The rejection was a blow to the Trump family who wants their financial records kept completely hidden from the American public.

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