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Dollars, Stocks All Have Their Eyes Caught On Fed Meeting

The European shares scaled higher along with government bond yields as the investors believe it to be the crucial time for the global monetary policy. The US Federal Reserve has issued that it will be preparing its primary interest rate cut after the massive financial crisis and even after the oil shares are lowering due to previous week’s Gulf tanker thefts. The US has its dollars moving upwards following US industrial gains, retail sales data, and gain of consumer confidence that has pushed the future market’s anticipations based on the Fed rate cut. The greenback profited even though the other currencies sailed downwards and the pan-European STOXX 600 index was found to be hardly shifted based on the profit warning call of Lufthansa, Germany’s hit airlines that had pulled out 0.08% increase in banking stocks.

The US rate cut is highly premature, as per Global Head of FX Strategy Elsa Lignos at the Royal Bank of Canada. Fed is trying to start a discussion so as to open up chances for a cut in July. Traders believe July to be the month with a high probability of rate cut. However, the delay in the G20 meeting can completely turn around the whole situation. If the trade war still continues then the US and other companies could be pushed into recession.

The dollar index compared to the other six major currencies stood at 97.510 for 2 Weeks, while the euro positioned at $1.1216 during the end of its trading range. The future inflation expectations during the entire low time showed euro zone bond yields to shift to an all-time low despite a higher start. The European Central Bank members have decided to cut down the sub-zero interest rates again. The quantitative easing program is believed to begin again so as to close happily at the end of the year. It was found that the broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan that is MSCI had fallen badly and Nikkei also had dropped flat. Japan’s Hang Seng Index showed a 0.4% higher boost compared to its earlier rough days.

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