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Another Cancer-Causing Chemical Discovered In Extensively Used BP Pills

Of late, blood pressure drugs have been put under rising inspection, with a number of recalls. Further, in the past year, it is the fourth instance that an extensively utilized blood pressure (BP) drug is under evaluation amid worries it could have chemicals that can potentially result in cancer. An online pharmacy, Valisure—that is certified in 37 states—has cautioned the FDA of high DMF (dimethylformamide) levels in valsartan—that is manufactured by numerous pharmaceutical firms and mostly combined with other drugs into a single pill. The American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization has categorized DMF as a likely human carcinogen.

The pharmacy is seeking a recall for the drugs and appealing the FDA to amend its tolerable intake levels of DMF from the existing level of 8,800,000 ng to below 1,000 ng. However, no response has been obtained regarding it by the FDA. The government agency is assessing the results. Patients are being recommended to carry on taking the drug for the time being, as suddenly discontinuing the drugs can have negative impacts. Valisure states it discovered high levels of DMF in valsartan products from 6 firms.

On the other need, another small-scale clinical trial has discovered that treating with blood pressure drug can enhance the flow of blood to the main brain parts in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. The results, issued in the Hypertension journal, come from a study of 44 patients having Alzheimer’s ranging from mild to moderate. They were arbitrarily allocated to take either the inactive placebo pills or the blood pressure medication nilvadipine for 6 Months. And as observed in the study, patients having nilvadipine displayed a 20% rise in the flow of blood to the hippocampus—a part of the brain involved in learning and memory, which is one of the primary regions harmed in Alzheimer’s.

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