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CDC Spreads Warning Against The Measles Traveling Across Borders

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control has reported a new concern over the increasing spread of measles brought into Europe by travelers. There are chances that the travelers can get in potentially new measles cases. Currently, the US has half of its populace suffering from measles due to the carelessness in getting their children and themselves vaccinated. Despite the spread of measles-like a fire across various states, there are many people still willing to stand against the concept of getting vaccinated. The superstition of getting life viruses or any kind of life form into the body has to be eradicated so as to protect the present and future generations.

In many of the locations, there are health experts striving towards creating awareness and educating people so as to get a measles vaccine as soon as possible. The sudden increase in the measles is astonishing as almost 300% have been found to be affected in the early 3 Months of the year in comparison to the last year’s data. The number in Ukraine is way too higher but the other nations such as Greece, Italy, and France are no less as they still have unvaccinated travelers posing as a high threat. International travelers from the US tend to cross the borders of European regions or return to their respective places and spread the disease to under-immunized or un-immunized citizens in the US also.

In the US, the measles cases are currently shooting upwards compared to 1992 data. The CDC has warned the travelers to get themselves vaccinated minimum 4 Weeks prior to their travel plans and also get the babies between 6 – 11 Months vaccinated during the beginning and the later stage as well. The CDC has shown that the US has 1,044 cases reported this year after being declared completely eliminated in 2000. After the outbreak, New York had 588 cases and Rockland County had 266 cases reported, which puts the US in a very risky zone.

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