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Apollo 11 Mission Artifacts Are Lined Up For Auction

At the time of Apollo 11 mission, an American flag was flown into orbit has now been placed in the collection of the host of artifacts from the ancestral mission for auction that is going to take place by the end of the week. The flag was flown after receiving flight certification from Pilot Michael Collins of Apollo 11 Command Module pilot Michael Collins. The flag has turned out to be an iconic and extremely precious artifact flown to the Moon. It will become a part of the most historic from all those collected in the Apollo missions. The Moon landing mission has completed its 50th anniversary today. The flag is anticipated to gather at least $60,000 in the auction that will be ending by 7 p.m.

The auction will have other items such as a page belonging to the Apollo 11 flight plan that had also traveled to the orbit on the Columbia Command Module. An Apollo 11 burn chart was seen to be scribbled on the page and also had a signature of Collins and Buzz Aldrin who had certified it. It is expected to raise about $20,000 at auction. Apollo 11’s Hasselblad camera had a 70 mm positive film which will also be auctioned. The film had 126 iconic images of the Moon’s surface that was captured by Neil Armstrong and Aldrin. Terry Slezak from the lunar receiving lab and a member of the decontamination team of Manned Space Center had found the film roll and processed it to get more of information about the Apollo moon landings.

The film is expected to be auctioned for $8,000. To date, only 12 men have got the opportunity to walk on the Moon and all of them were Americans. There are other items such as small sterling silver mezuzah case and roll that was taken along by the Space Shuttle Columbia astronaut Jeff Hoffman on February 2 – March 9, 1996. The Torah verses printed on the Mezuzahs are kept at the doorsteps of the Jewish homes. MIT professor Hoffman has planned to use the funds received for funding a documentary project so as to investigate the Jewish journey during 5 space missions. The mezuzah is estimated to be sold for $15,000 and the checklist that was carried by Armstrong and Aldrin had earlier been sold for $62,500 in New York. Sotheby had sold the bag filled with Moondust by Armstrong for $1.8 Million in 2017. The bag had earlier been sold by a government online auction for $995 to a woman and NASA had to battle in the court to retrieve it. Recently, an unseen photo of the famous Moon landing crew was found by Collins.

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