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Boeing To Transfer Its Space Headquarters To Florida From Washington, D.C.

Recently, Boeing declared that it would move the headquarters of its space unit to Florida from the Washington, D.C. area as a number of its important programs transfer from development to operations. Dennis Muilenburg—President and Chief Executive of Boeing—said the headquarters transfer from Virginia to Florida, during a speech at the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston. He said, “This is the main transition for us as an organization as we set up our main office in Florida’s Space Coast region. The energy and momentum along Florida’s Space Coast, the amount of expenditure that is happening, is simply unexpected.”

The transfer involves the Space and Launch unit of Boeing’s Defense, Space, and Security business division, which is at present headquartered near the Pentagon. Dan Beck—Boeing’s Spokesman—said to SpaceNews that the move would engross only a “small number” of people, directed by Jim Chilton (Space and Launch Senior Vice President). No changes are intended to the firm’s space operations in other sites. The transfer is scheduled to be finished by the end of the year. In a Boeing statement, Chilton said, “Enlarging our Boeing existence on the Space Coast brings great value for our government and commercial space programs with focused strategic investment, customer proximity, leadership, and additional contributions to the vivacity of the region.”

Recently, Boeing was in news for marking another win in Paris with a potential deal in Digital Solutions. Since a lot of the spotlight on the Paris Air Show is related to how many airplanes are sold the contest in the skies is transforming into digital, and with that note Boeing marked its big win with big deals with its AnalytX Digital Solutions. Amongst the airlines signing contracts with Boeing for flight data and safeguarding management solutions at Le Bourget were JetBlue, Cathay Pacific Group, and United Airlines.

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