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Google Pay Transactions Service Will Shut Down Permanently For UK Users

Through an email, Google notified the users that it would vanish out the feature of peer-to-peer funds transfer through Google Pay. The feature termination is, particularly in the UK. The services will discontinue from September 6 of this year. Engadget has tried to connect to Google in order to verify if the transaction-based Google app will terminate in any other region apart from the UK.

After the deadline, UK residents will never be able to transfer funds through Google Pay apps. Google is requesting users to clear the outstanding balance by transferring it to their bank accounts before the termination of the feature.

Google’s verdict to terminate peer-to-peer money transfer comes after the company rebranded its Google Pay Send application into the company’s flagship payment platform Google Pay app. That shift appeared after the company rebranded its Android Pay as Google Pay and renamed Google Wallet as Google Pay Send.

On a similar note, Google has been delinking the long-established connection between Google Drive and Google Photos. Dan Schlosser—Google Drive manager—and Jason Gupta—Google Photos manager—wrote in a blog post that according to the feedback from several users, the link between both the services has been mystifying, so both the services developers would try to simplify the experience by introducing some changes.

During the next month, when the developer teams will be trying to simplify the connectivity between Photos and Drive, Google will provide an alternative for the people to extract images or videos. An option “upload from Drive” will be available on Google Photos.

Google Drive will not be able to upload the images or videos automatically from the device. Apart from this, the situation will possibly create a lot of mess if the account is linked to cloud storage as well, as all the files will be stored in both the storage items.

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