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Facebook Steps Into The Digital Currency Minefield—Report

Facebook’s idea of implementing digital currency will form a completely new regulatory minefield for the organization. The company already has its private practices being attacked by lawmakers from the US and Europe. The new secretive step taken by Facebook is being held profitable for the company future goal-wise. The cryptocurrency has been dubbed as Project Libra and it is believed to turn into a big e-commerce tool for all the users from social network’s collection of services like Instagram, Messenger, and so on. Like Bitcoin, the Facebook cryptocurrency could become a means for the terrorist financiers and money launderers posing as a risk as per the lawmakers and regulators. Facebook’s cryptocurrency could help buy products from Instagram icons more quickly compared to cash.

The Facebook shareholders will have to pay some fees for every transaction being made. The new idea could help remove the friction in the payment mode faced in many of the services. The messaging ecosystem with e-commerce properties is a vital initiative taken by the company. The coin will be made available in 12 countries including the UK, the UK, and more. For making use of the digital asset, the users must have a bank account and it is guaranteed that its value will be bound to established, state-supported currencies like dollars or pounds.

The company plans to enter the finance world using this initial step. The global coin could enter money laundering via its main website, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are planning to talk so as to come to a solution. Trump along with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin plan to shut down all the funds transferred for illicit activities. The cryptocurrencies are being used like cocaine and Rolls Royces which is a threat for US national security and sanctions enforcement. The Fifth European Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) will be kicked in form January 10 after which Facebook can build a path for its coin products.

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