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Digital Turbo Map Sensor To Be Uncovered By Infineon—Latest Report

Infineon Technologies introduces the new XENSIV absolute pressure sensor KP276 series in the Sensor + Test in Nuremberg June 25-27, 2019. It refers to applications such as measuring air inlet pressure (MAP) in diesel suction engines and gasoline or turbo (Turbo MAP) and the recycling of exhaust gases. The digital sensor has a pressure range of 10 kPa to 400 kPa, offers very high accuracy and enables fast measurement and communication.

The MAP is a critical parameter for calculating the air/fuel ratio that is supplied to the engine. Accurate measurement helps reduce harmful emissions enhance and combustion efficiency. Moreover, collector pressure data can be used to diagnose leaks and malfunction of the exhaust gas recirculation valve.

With a precision error of 0.77%, XENSIV KP276 products are considered the most accurate Turbo MAP digital sensors in the Infineon portfolio. An even more accurate product version (0.5% FSS) is already planned. In addition, this version is ISO26262 ready and offers all the analysis and documentation required for critical security applications.

XENSIV KP276 sensors sync with signal processing for an NTC temperature sensor positioned externally. This provides the pressure signal and the temperature signal on a single digital interface. The devices have a “SENT” interface with 846 μs short frame length and 10 ms start time of NTC. This leads to faster measurements and data transfers compared to previous Infineon products.

The sensors are provided in a robust SMD-8 package and are suitable for the harsh conditions of the engine management applications. They are rated in a temperature range of -40 to 150 degrees Celsius and are protected against aggressive products such as exhaust gas condensate and iodine.

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